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Raven's Ramblings

Raven Stormcrow
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I am absolutely, positively, in no way whatsoever related to this man. I've been fascinated by ravens and crows for many years now and finally picked this as an admittedly generic (for the Pagan community) online handle--and then realized this name carried baggage all its own. I'll tell you the story, if you're interested. If not, it's all good.

Thirtysomething single mom of a little girl who could singlehandedly solve the energy crisis, but I haven't yet figured out how to wire her up to the grid.

I welcome new LJ friends. Just don't be a sexist, a racist, a classist, a childhater (childfree is OK), an asshole with a severe case of entitlement, or a psycho. I also welcome gifts of paid time, because I am shameless.

Being a Capricorn is love.

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love simply is.

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